Aluminothermy Welding: How To Execute It Properly

Aluminothermy Welding: How To Execute It Properly

In aluminothermy welding, a host of factors influence the quality of the weld. The weld is performed by an operator. The manual welding work is not very consistent but the preparation and the execution are well and truly described in detail. Operators receive training with instructions and steps to follow. If these are followed correctly, you get a good quality weld. The rail deburring device happens to be the best here.


For a weld, two parts of rails must be joined together. Most often it is an old part and a new replacement part. These are sawn and juxtaposed. The new part is welded to an old rail. Both rails are slightly raised to get a better fit. So you have more mass in the head than in the foot. When the weld cools, the rail goes down a little, so that the rail is properly horizontal.

rail deburring device

The templates used for aluminothermy welding are made of ceramic material with the shape of the rail in it. These are placed on the rail and must be well aligned. The space between the template and the rail is filled with sand or some sort of paste for sealing. When the template is in place,