Calculate ways for the tip to give

Calculate ways for the tip to give

We all had been through to a restaurant or the place related to that and gave a tip some time we may satisfy for giving a tip and sometimes we may think whether we gave so much for this service and so. Usually, everyone had experienced the same situation. For that, we have to understand how much we need to pay as per the level of satisfaction. This gives gratitude to the workers, and it gives satisfaction to you for the amount you take out from the pocket. There is a simple way to calculate the tip that you given to the worker is a tip calculator . This helps to understand the calculations of tips easily, and you can pay them with satisfaction.

tip calculator

Calculating the tip:

As we see already, when you want to give a tip, you have to calculate your level of satisfaction first of all. Then by that, you can pay them easily. In this, we can see an unwritten rule for the tip to give from 10 percent to 20 per cent of the total from the bill.

It is very hard for people who are not able to calculate within a few minutes. And in the restaurant,