Finer Details for Your Usage Now

Finer Details for Your Usage Now

A small number of organizations may make a copy of your proof of identities, such as your employer and bank. These are organizations that have a legal interest in it. A bank must be able to prove that they have checked your identity. An employer is obliged to keep the copy for payroll administration. The use of the fake id happens to be the best there.

Identification is different from a copy

Many other organizations, such as hotels, gyms and freelance clients, are not legally obliged to keep a copy of the identity card. They may be required to identify you and to take over a number of details from your proof of identity.

It is then sufficient to show only the proof of identities, such as a driver’s license, identity card or passport. The required information such as your full name and place of residence can then be copied without a copy being made. This happens, for example, if you want to pick up a package. Organizations may also copy the type of identity document and the document number. This happens, for example, when you book a flight.

How do you safely make a copy of your proof of identity?

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