Greater Choices for the Use of the Utensil Parts

Greater Choices for the Use of the Utensil Parts

To use any of our cookware parts, whether they are pots, pans or stoves made of stainless steel, it is better to follow a series of tips if we want them to retain their appearance and their property origin after prolonged use. Using Sponge Cloths is important there.

First Use

Although parts are cleaned at the factory before being packaged, it is important to carry out a first cleaning of the cookware before first use. First, the pieces will have to pass through different hands before arriving in your kitchen, and in addition, it will remove stickers and glue residues that leave them stuck to the utensil. Adhesives often contain chlorides that could cause rust from the first bake. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a first washing of the parts until they are completely free of any trace of dirt.

Posterior Cleaning

After using the utensils, wash the surfaces with neutral type water and soap until the dirt is removed. Use cloths and sponges that do not scratch the stainless part. Never use a carbon steel tool as friction against stainless steel could lead to contamination of the steel with iron particles showing rust spots. Never forget to rinse well with