How about Being Emotionally Intelligent

How about Being Emotionally Intelligent

Our natural state of being, as one with Soul, is a unified state of Love, in which the only sensations are of constant peace and happiness. If we are feeling any sensation other than peace and happiness, we have got out of balance someplace. This is because of our conditioned and defective thinking, which becomes tolerations, needs and restricting beliefs. Utilizing our Emotional Intelligence equips us to determine the message that Soul is sending us through these sensations, so we can correct our thinking and therefore move always towards Love.

Codes of AH

Being Emotionally Intelligent and using Codes of AH is my capability to knowingly understand my own emotions of Being ‘Emotional’ indicates that I understand the sensation that is my emotion of being. This implies I have a reasonable knowledge of sensible understanding of the circumstance, incident and scenarios that I am presently experiencing.

Emotional Intelligence loses clearness when I puzzle ‘being emotional’ with ‘being illogical’. When I am studying negative states of being that trigger me to sub-consciously respond, I am discovering my own illogical behavior that lacks emotional intelligence. I am studying ‘unreasonable intelligence’.

Being emotional is not responding crazily; it is being consciously-aware of my emotion of being. I never respond