How the Vinyl Plank Flooring Really Works

How the Vinyl Plank Flooring Really Works

Good preparation is half the job. First of all, make sure that you do not have enough experience with cutting vinyl or a similar fabric. For example, first practice on a leftover. You quickly cut off too much vinyl if you don’t know exactly how much force you should put. A visit to makes the entire process perfect now.

The Results

So pay attention to this. However, the cutting itself ensures that there is much less messy compared to, for example, sawing. And that is very nice for cleaning up afterward.

When you are confident in your case, you can proceed to measure the space. Always keep an extra 10 centimeters, so that you have too much rather than too little vinyl at home. After all, there may be a cutting loss; having a few extras in case of an emergency is always a smart idea.

Also take into account places for which you will have to cut the vinyl: pipes, niches or doorposts. Allow the vinyl to acclimatize for around 12 hours, and ensure that the temperature in the room never drops below 18 degrees Celsius.

Check the subfloor

A good underlay is essential for the vinyl floor that you will