How to Pick the best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

How to Pick the best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

If you have a hosted WordPress site, you can include plugins. These little programs can change the functions of your blog and make it fit your unique needs. Choosing which plugin to use can be a difficulty with so many available.

Why is the decision so hard?

The number of wordpress plugin available is ever growing on the WordPress directory site. In simply the previous three months, over 1000 plugins were included. It is essentially difficult for somebody to test all the different plugins and integrate them with different themes and in numerous combinations.

What about support services?

Most WordPress plugins are free. The developer( s) of a plugin may have a full-time job, may have stopped upgrading it, or whatever, however they may or may not supply support. Even when they do offer support keep in mind, the plugin is free. They are not making any money other than through the periodic donation.

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How do I set up a WordPress plugin?

Most plugins can be quickly set up from the control panel, your WordPress back office. Scroll down to plugins and click the arrow, below in the new menu click “Include new.” Look for the name of the plugin or the function