Military and Friendship As per the requirement

Military and Friendship As per the requirement

You were sitting comfortably on your couch at home, in front of Netflix while living your best life when suddenly you find yourself standing in military uniform in front of the barracks. Your platoon commander screams for 20 minutes continuously on you because a friend is 2 minutes late and you wonder from the first day, how are you going to survive the next 18 weeks. Here are tips to help you survive the military and Find Army Friends .

Find friends

In the army, people from totally different backgrounds meet from the most remote cantons to the most diverse passions. In civil life, we judge ourselves by our outfits, our hairstyles. Whatever your lifestyle, in the army, everyone is in green. The army makes it possible to create friendships based on each person’s character traits and not on physical attributes. You will create friendships literally in the mud and it is in these moments that we make real friends.

Find Army Friends

To keep a low profile

Every member of the army is confronted with orders that would have no meaning in normal times. Even though an order may seem stupid, you will live more easily if you do it. Complaining or refusing will only