Mill Liner Choices as Per The Options That You Need

Mill Liner Choices as Per The Options That You Need

Installing replaceable liners in a mill is not just a matter of protecting the outer hull, both the design of the lining and the materials used in its construction play a critical role in the performance of the mill. If the correct material and proper lifting design are used, the mill will effectively grind. Conversely, a poor choice can lead to poor grinding, excess energy used, and high maintenance costs for the coating. Go for the ball mill liners and have the best solutions there.

In addition, the liner segments help to remove the pulp from the discharge end of the mill, acting more as a slurry pump than as a lifting mechanism for the mill body contents, including rock and grinding media. The difference between a mill designed to operate in overflow mode or with a grate and pulp lifters is also important in this context since the work imposed on the liner is not the same.

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Characteristics of the Product

Although the physical characteristics of the mineral are being ground, such as its abrasiveness and the distribution of the mineral within the rock, have a major influence on the choice of the ore for the lining, other factors also come into