Music and its power

Music and its power

Music can influence your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and make you healthier in ways you cannot imagine. As many of us know music is used in treating people with stress, relieve pain, and much more. Various testimonials can prove this statement.

If doctors are contributing to help the sick people, then musicians can be said to prevent or reduce the sickness beforehand with their work. This is because when mentally a person is in a relaxed state then the body can selfheal at various instances.


Komanda is a music band with their music that has impressed people with their music and works.

Music- a pain manager:

  • Researchers have found the hearing to music is very useful in managing pain.
  • Music also helps people suffering from anxiety issues.
  • Tests have found that hearing to music one hour a day has helped in reducing the pain in a significant amount than those in the controlled environment.
  • Research involving fibromyalgia patients was conducted where few patients could hear music once a day for the next four weeks while other patients did not listen to music for the same period.
  • The results of this music therapy prove that the patients who listened to music were able to manage