No Bars in the Choice of the Vertical Training Programs

No Bars in the Choice of the Vertical Training Programs

The study shows that stretching the hip flexors before the vertical jump produces a slight advantage, take advantage of it.

Lift Heavy Before

vertical training program

It is based on taking advantage of the so-called post-activation potentiation: by applying a short and high load to the muscle, it increases its immediate power. How to apply the PAP to improve the score in a test? It is easy, according to this study. Perform a series of 4-5 squat repetitions, using 70-90% of your 1RM. Wait 4-8 minutes and try your jump. There the vertical training program really comes useful.

If you use 70% of your 1RM the peak performance will be closer to 4 minutes, and closer to 8 minutes if you opt for 90% of your 1 RM. Why this window of 4-8 minutes? The potentiation is maximum if you let a few minutes pass so that fatigue disappears. But if you wait more than 10-12 minutes the potentiation disappears.

Empowerment Post Activation

Ideally, experiment to find what works best for you. The hard part: access to a squat rack and be able to perform the test at the exact moment.

Sports training and physical preparation to increase their performance should be directed according to the