Perfection  in the Process of Asbestos Removal

Perfection in the Process of Asbestos Removal

The peculiarity of asbestos is that it has fibers that are particularly resistant to fire, traction, and acids. In Greek the word asbestos or asbestos means perpetual and inextinguishable, hence the properties of all asbestos artifacts. First of all, comes eternity or asbestos cement. For asbestos removal these are the essentials.

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Eternit as you recognize it

Let’s start with the simplest thing:

Production year of the product is already a first indication. If the shed, chimney or water tank were produced or purchased after 1994, they are not made of asbestos. Trademark of the artifact, we look for the company and try to understand what it did.

When in doubt, only the visual aspect remains. But only an experienced eye of staff of a company disposing of asbestos can know how to recognize Eternit with asbestos or fiber cement. To give an idea, it was also used as spray asbestos. In addition to a visual inspection, samples are taken to perform an examination in the laboratory. Ask for a quote from a company specializing in asbestos and have a free inspection done to find out if you need to remove asbestos.

How to recognize eternity and ecological fiber cement

In this case, one