Prevent Firewood Bugs In Your Home This Winter

Prevent Firewood Bugs In Your Home This Winter

In the winter, there’s nothing we tend to choose other than subsiding down by the hearth to remain heat. sadly, transfer fuel into your home will mean introducing a spread of recent winter pests into the protected and heat setting of your front room with Pest Control Essex . These winter tormenter management tips can stop this state of affairs before it happens and keep your home bug-free all winter long! scan on to be told that fuel pests to fret concerning, a way to determine the warning signs of a winter tormenter infestation, and everything you wish to understand concerning insect management and treatment.

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Types of Bugs:

We’ve known many species of insects that square measure seemingly to hitch a ride into your home on (or in) your fuel. several of them thrive in similar conditions, which suggests that you just will take a couple of straightforward steps and forestall an entire few winter tormenter species.


Many insects square measure drawn to wet or damp fuel, as well as massive “click” beetles. Beetles lay eggs in fuel, which might sit dormant for 2 whole years before a beetle emerges. Ambrosia beetles and bark beetles square measure drew to recent fuel, however,