Smartest Options for the Custom Home Renovation

Smartest Options for the Custom Home Renovation

How much energy you use depends a lot on your own behavior. A dense facade, a well-insulated roof and windows with double glazing help enormously. With reduced room temperatures and economical hot water consumption, however, more energy can often be saved than with additional insulation measures and even better window panes. Smart user behavior and energy-saving heating and water heating can compensate for deficits. Visit for the best ideas.

The magic formula of modern heating technology means: The heat stays in it, only the air is exchanged. Do you generally recommend controlled ventilation?

The 5 major mistakes in house remodeling

The five biggest adversaries in rebuilding and renovating are not the weather, the craftsmen or the bank, but our attitudes:

  1. Too much feeling: A cozy street, a trendy district not the location should ultimately decide on the purchase, but the building fabric, whether the conversion is affordable and can meet their own wishes.
  2. Diffuse ideas: Anyone who does not know before the conversion whether he wants to live on a polished screed or on oak planks does not (yet) knows his living needs enough. This will certainly create frustration.
  3. Save money: Design, planning and coordination are a professional thing.