The Essential Choices for the Best Pest Control options

The Essential Choices for the Best Pest Control options

If the cause lies with the municipality, the municipality will arrange and pay for a pest control agent. Snails, ants and other vermin: they have a great time in your garden, but they cause nuisance. We asked you for your best tips against these unwanted guests. These are them. With the best use of this website now you can have the smartest options available.

Most people with a garden will have come across snails again in recent weeks. They do nothing to humans, but they do eat your beautiful plants. And that makes them a notorious guest in the garden. According to expert people have to spend less on chemical pesticides, but more on home-garden-and-kitchen remedies. And that is fine, many of you think.

Coffee trap

The best tip against snails, according to Expert: save the remains of your cup of coffee. Just distribute all used coffee drops, filter coffee and tea leaves in your garden. You will be able to pick all strawberries, raspberries and blackberries without being eaten. The remains of drinks can also go into the garden snails would not like beer. Professionals swear by a ball of garlic by the plants, because they don’t like that smell.

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