The What, once & Why of Mobile Interrupt Testing

The What, once & Why of Mobile Interrupt Testing

Mobile Interrupt Testing could be a kind of mobile application testing that deals with the behaviour of AN application once it’s interrupted within the foreground and resumes to a state before the interruption.

what is interrupt testing

Interrupt Testing, on the opposite hand, applies to any application sort, i.e. web, mobile, complete, etc. However, the range of devices, networks, configurations, etc. makes this kind of testing acceptable for mobile applications.

what is interrupt testing ?

We all have our daily interruptions in daily life. contemplate a real-life example of being interrupted by a decision once reading a newspaper. the several U.S.A. could notice the decision, ignore it and still scan the paper, some see the decision, acknowledge it, and continue reading, some additional would possibly attend the decision, then resume reading the paper. However, all told the higher than instances, one’s thought method once reading the paper has been interrupted or lost. To translate this to mobile technology, Interrupt Testing tries to search out out that behaviour your application exhibits once a pause happens.

Given below are some samples of interruptions in smartphones:

  • Battery low
  • Battery full – once charging
  • Incoming telephony
  • Incoming SMS
  • Incoming alert/push notification from another mobile application
  • Plugged sure charging
  • Plugged out from