Truest Options in Calling Processes and Identity

Truest Options in Calling Processes and Identity

Unlike a traditional directory, a reverse directory allows you to find, through a phone number, the name and address of a subscriber. You will discover who owns a phone number. With a traditional directory, the approach is the opposite. You find from an address or an identity, the phone number of a person. With the onbekend nummer the deals are perfect now.

All the solutions to find out who this number is

To use a reverse directory, you have a choice. The most common solution through your telephone company: it automatically displays the name of the person calling you. The second possibility of demand: thanks to a database, you will find the name hiding behind an unknown number.

Among the existing solutions, Telecom’s top secret service also lets you know who owns this number. The principle is simple: during a call, the operator asks the person calling to wait for the time that his name is given to the subscriber.

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Does the reverse directory include the numbers in the red list?

Yes, when the service was created, these numbers were unveiled. But faced with the discontent of people, who paid at the time every month to be on the red list, the operators