Types and tricks to follow the method of Foley

Types and tricks to follow the method of Foley

Foley is a process of producing audio with its music which is adaptable to certain films. This art of Foley can be separated into three main categories namely specifies, moves, feet. This article is about Foley stage . These are the three main categories in which the Foley is divided.


The first category of Foley is moved which is to be discussing now, the moves is operation are used in the Foley is to make a subtitle and according to sounds which is used to hear in the films. For example, when the clothes are swished, when the two persons walking each other, when the sounds used to create a rubbing of two pieces of any materials, at the same time when the crossing of legs (actors or some even more important and high lighting persons) near the microphone to hear the sounds exactly in the microphone. Usually, the cloth cannot be used always, this creation may also be done in the process of dubbing in which it can be controlled in the outcomes of the final stage for the post-production process or audio process. This is the method of the move which is used in the process of Foley.

Foley stage