Vygotsky Scaffolding: Purpose and general elements

Vygotsky Scaffolding: Purpose and general elements

Scaffolding is the educational technique used by the teachers to provide support to the younger children for the development of skills and increase in knowledge. It can be used in any grade and across all age groups.

Purpose of the scaffolding:

Scaffolding Bromley is considering the best and effective way of teaching. Now a day’s teachers of all elementary schools adopt various forms of instructional scaffolding in their teaching techniques. Additionally, it is also used in bridging the learning gap between what students know and what they are expected to know at the given age. One of the main aims of the scaffolding is to eradicate negative feelings among the children, which emerge when they cannot compete with the other children of the same age. They tend to get frustrated, intimidated or discouraged when trying difficult tasks without assistance or understanding.

Scaffolding Bromley

5 General elements of Vygotsky Scaffolding

Vygotsky’s Scaffolding works on six general elements. It is the responsibility of each instructor to follow these elements to make them more purposeful for the students.

  1. Have a specific Goal: It is the responsibility of the instructor to set up a specific goal. Though learners’ interest must be enlisted through the instructor’s ability to communicate with