What is meant by RAID data?

What is meant by RAID data?

RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks. The advantage od RAID is that multiple disks are working together for increasing the system performance. RAID data recovery is the procedure of restoring of data from the RAID array that has stopped working. click here to know more.

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How to perform RAID data recovery:

For RAID-1 you have minimum two hard drivesĀ  when you combine these two disks we are going to copy them for example the drive names are file1 and file2 the file1 is copied to other hard disks that is file2 and file2 is copied to file1in RAID-1 level if the one of your disk is failed your data is available is file2 second disk and you can continue to use in second drive because you have a full copy available in the second drive this is the advantageĀ  if one drive is failed and other copy is available

How the RAID works?

You have a windows2016 in that go to disk management select new hard drives select the thee disks to initialise them it asks to select the MBR (master book record)or GPT(GUID partition table) select the MBR option and click ok you can select the disks and disk sized